Phenyl Ethyl Acetate
Cas 103-45-7
Einecs 203-113-5
Fema 2857
CoE 221
Harmonize No. 2915399090
Odor Floral, Rosy, Fresh, Honey-like
Color Colorless to Pale Yellow
Appearance Clear Mobile Liquid
Flashpoint (ºC) 105
Boiling Point (ºC) 232
Melting Point (ºC) -10
Reactivity It presents no significant reactivity hazards, by itself or in contact with water. Avoid contact with strong acids, alkali or oxidizing agents.
Descomposition Carbon monoxide and unidentified organic compounds may be formed during combustion.
LD 50 Oral/Rat (mg/Kg) 3670
LD 50 Dermal/Rabbit (mg/Kg) 6210
Biodegradability Not determined.
Precautions Prevent contamination of soil, ground and surfacewater.
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